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If you practice private equity, custodian banking, law, or represents shareholder interests in this Country, then you ought to consider suitable office space and decor that blends a pleasant workspace while impressing associates, clients, visitors. Well this building, and in particular this office suite does it all!

Starting with the Building, a Turn of the Century buiding, kept in immaculate shape with painstakingly upkeep and maintenance. Designed by Francisco de Paula Ramos de Azevedo the same Architect and Engineer that designed The Municipal Food Wholesale Market ( Mercado da Cantareira ), The Municipal Theater, the Palacio das Industrias, the Pinacoteca do Estado ( Art Museum ), and many others. This building was delivered in 1928.
The Building main lobby features tastefully gorgeous chiseled marble clad details lighlighted by polished brass engraved pieces throughout.
Once past the stunning wrought iron main entrance gates, guest, dwellers, all will be greeted and screened by competent staffed uniformed personnel, no need for eyesore turnstiles to inconvenience the stride of your guest as they head out for the elevator.
Speaking about elevators, solid wood paneled elevators with modern controls and systems make for a soothing and pleasant up climb towards the chosen floor.
Upstairs, you will walk through a spacious, well lit impressive hall built with marble and wrought iron. Only two main suites occupy each floor.

About the Suites
-A spacious and accomodating reception hall takes you through every furnished room.
-Pin drop quietness throughout, not a scant street noise can be picked up from the bustly square downstairs.
-Restrooms and coffee break den are impecable and recently updated.
-Impressive lighting fixtures combined large window frames provide for pleasant and soothing working suites.
-The entire suite is set as to allow for subdivision so that you can choose your wing or rent the entire suite.
-Hard to find aesthetically pleasing furniture and accents compliment the set. Credenzas, Bookshelves, desks, wall paintings.

About the vicinity
Located in the heart of historic downtown, by the Opera and Symphony Theather ( known as Teatro Municipal ). Within stride distance you will have access to:

Subway stops on Red and Blue Lines.
The Municipal Theather, one of the City's main venues for Opera, Ballet, and Classical Music events.
The Light Shopping Mall, housed in a stunning landkmark building with six floors of top of the line retail.
The entire City Hall Administrative cluster all scattered through four large nearby office buildings, the fartherst over a quarter mile away. The local lively and vibrant pedestrian restaurant and retail district known as Calcadao da Republica.

Getting around.
The building does not house a garage as it does not have a basement, however, on the immediate vicinity you will find plenty of garage parking building as well as taxicab stands. This is a perfect workplace to be chauffered around.

Financial details..

Reference ID...................................glry01037-911/63 and glry01037-911/62
Monthly Rental Rate.....................R$7.000,00 and R$5.000,00 ( assuming a minimum 36 month lease term )
Monthly Maintenance Fee............R$2.788,00 and R$1.502,00 ( borne by lessee )
Monthly Tax Bill............................R$428,99 and R$275,45 ( ( borne by lessee )
Guarantor's insurance at..............15% premium over the adjusted total monthy cost.
Leasable Floor Space.....................166,33m²/ 1790 sf and 111,51m²/1200 sf
You can lease both wings altogether.
Posted rates for furnished suites.
Where Praca Ramos de Azevedo - Sao Paulo

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