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Please pass around, even if you are not in the market for it. This is a true opportunity at this listing price.

I will work with RE brokers on a co-broke.

São Paulo's Economy is on the rebound, demand for all things related to Real Estate are picking up fast.

Eleven Standard floors with 482,80m² / 5,197 ft² that is about 5.310,8m² / 57,167 ft² of leasable floor space.
One rooftop floor with balcony you can designate for common space ( conference room, lounge )
Garage for at least 60 vehicles
Only three blocks from Avenida Paulista ( ), therefore PRIME REAL ESTATE
It being offered at BR$ 33.000.000,00 no liens. Aproximately USD $8,600,000.00
The median Square meter yelds, depending upon location and building appeal at somewhere between R$ 60,00-R$ 110,00/m²/month net of expenses
Tenants do pay for Utilities, Prorrated Property Taxes, Maintenance Fees ( Disguised as Condomínium Fees ).
Owner pays for such outlined costs only when the property is vacant. So as you fill the building, your carry on expenses decrease exponentially until a 100% vacancy rate is reached upon.
Therefore, at full capacity ( we are at an estimated 85% median vacancy rates on the region ) the numbers would work as such
You can have multiple tenants or single tenancy.
This is way below a cost replacement basis, whatever it might be , if you take into account:
Lack of Available Land: Around Paulista Ave. , most projecs are retrofits. There are no sites you can teardown and erect. So cost of land in the area is extremely high
Cost of money still considerably high. And given the jump on rates, cheap money is drying up in the near foreseable future
On this Region, in São Paulo, if you are to put up a building, you are paying for Height Tax ( aka CEPAC ) on anything over 3-4 times the lot size. And you will also pay for the Garage Space too. So you are hedging your money against a spike on rental and property hikes.
Av. Paulista, Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, Av. Engenheiro Luis Carlos Berrini, Vila Olimpia, Av. Chucri Zaidain are high density corporate corridors.
Besides, with a median low floor price of R$ 12.000,00/m² and a high at R$ 18.000,00 , at R$ 7.000,00/m² you can't be wrong. This is a perfect Cash on Cash Transaction where you can lease out, and then flip it for a decent profit.

About the Area
Avenida Paulista used to be the primary City's Financial Corridor. With newer developments on other areas the Paulista corridor became more specialized and its tenancy base nowadays appeals to Verticals such as :
Health Care ( About Twelve Major Hospital do Concentrate their main facilities around this corridor );
Education : A number of institutions of Higher Learning have campuses around Av. Paulista
Media and Broacast: Since it sits in an elevated terrain, it still a relevant place of business for Media, TV, Radio Stations
Retail: The area is covered by Two Large Shopping Malls and one under construction
Hospitality - Lodging : all major flags have at least one property on this strip.
Museums: MASP is located on the strip.
I boasts one of the best on Grid Transportation hubs in the City with four subway stops along, and covering three lines.
The entire Strip has plenty diversity of dark broadband fiber.

At the lowest possible rental rate , so that you can attract tennants.....

At 100% capacity 12x5197m²x R$60,00/m²= R$ 3.741.840,00 per year or a 11.33% Annual Cap Ratio
You can ask for R$ 80,00/m² which, IMHO, is the ceiling for this property, or operate a Co-Working Facility out of this Building. Av. Paulista and surroundings is perfect for this. You can beat WeWork at lower rates.

Repairs being already executed:


What needs to be done:
Flooring ( done by tenant unless you want to rent turnkey as a finished floor )
Bathrooms need a do over ( they are ok but passé )
Repurpose the empty space out on the back at the ground level
Needs a Power Back Up Diesel Engine
Lighting Fixtures ( usually done by Tenants )

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