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Very, very underservied area when it comes to:
Facilities ready for corporate use

This multi user project, behind two very busy shopping malls, a subway, commuter rail and bus station is about to take off in the pre sales process. Construction could ensue as soon as within 10-12 months.

Sao Paulo's East Region concentrates well over 40% of the city's workforce, yet, there are simply no space to house corporations, call centers, of jut any large office structure. Yet, the average median commuter endures packed rail and subway cars, and sometimes a 2 hour drive to work.

What I have to offer includes, all in a single building:
-Small Office Suites
-Large Office Floor Suites ( 23 of them, at 500m² / 5380 sf per floor with deeded parking )
-Retail stores ( mostly already sold )
-Residential units
-A franchised hotel where you can purchase by the suite, thus reaping pooled revenue on a monthly basis ).

Traditionally such projectes are pre funded, mandated by law, and for investor's guarantees sake.
A potential buyer can purchase a unit with the downpayment parsed through the construction phase ( about 30% can be parsed on installments through a three year phase ). At the project conclusion, the buyer then commits to either pay up the remainder balance owed or to seek financing through a bank note.

On the pictorial, you will notice a three dimension model over a vast area. That lit perimeter represents an area where the City Administration has compromised to provide infra-strucure improvements such as
-Wideling boulevards
-Taking all power and btoadband lines underground
-Improving landscaping and curbside appeal.

The highlighted area, alongside the subway tracks, will go from Belem Stop towards Carrao stop, with Tatuape Stop included .
This represent a ground breaking and change maker in the City's Economic Development dynamics with tremendous impact and savings on transportation costs, logistics, and where people actually live and work.

If you care to learn more about this, then contact me through this ad or by dialing +55-11-98735-0178

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